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Monster Creature Feature Glow in the Dark T-Shirt

Ormon Grimsby has a special edition Monster Creature Feature glow in the dark T-shirt available for $18. It features a great drawing of the undead undertaker himself, which glows when charged up in the light.

To order one, visit the Monster Creature Feature website at, and see the information on the main page.

American Scary - First 10 Minutes

The horror host documentary American Scary is finally coming to DVD on February 17, 2009.

Click below to see the first ten minutes of the the film.

For more information on American Scary, visit:

Fright Time FunHouse - The Whip and the Body

Jebediah Buzzard has a new episode of Fright Time FunHouse in which he presents the Mario Bava movie The Whip and the Body starring Christopher Lee.

Watch the first 5 minutes below and click the link in the video to see the full episode:

Visit the Funhouse at:

Bob Wilkins Poster Designed by Mr. Lobo

Cinema Insomnia host Mr. Lobo has designed a poster of late Creature Features host Bob Wilkins. They come signed by Mr. Lobo and are available for $10 or $12 if you want it shipped in a tube. To purchase one, PayPal the proper amount to

For more about Mr. Lobo, visit:

Cult Radio A-Go-Go Interviews Elvira

Cult Radio A-Go-Go Live hosts Terry and Tiffany Dufoe interview Elvira about her show The Search For The Next Elvira in this 2007 edition.

Click play below to listen to the interview:

Click here for more about Cult Radio A-Go-Go:

Cult Radio A-Go-Go - The MAN-viras

On the internet radio show Cult Radio A-Go-Go Live, hosts Terry and Tiffany Dufoe interviewed Patterson Lundquist and Christian Greenia, Elvira's two co-hosts on the The Search For The Next Elvira.

Click play below to listen to the interview:

Click here for more about Cult Radio A-Go-Go:

The Search for the Next Elvira

In October of 2007 the Fox Reality Channel aired The Search for the Next Elvira. The show was a contest to find someone to take over the couch and become Elvira.

The elimination competition lasted for four episodes until one person was left and named the next Elvira. One of the contestants on the show was horror host Ms. Monster.

Watch all four episodes below:
Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Creature Feature - Punk Trouble

In this episode of Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature, the Dr. has been having trouble from the neighborhood punks messing up his yard, house, and his lab every Halloween and Doc's finally going to do something about it.

Warch the hosting parts of the show here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Reel Wild Cinema Interviews Maila Nurmi

Sandra Bernhard interviewed Maila Nurmi, who played Vampira, in a 1995 episode of the USA cable horror host show Reel Wild Cinema.

Watch a clip of it here:

The World of the Weird Monster Show Episode 4.7

The World of the Weird Monster Show episode 4.7 presented the movie Carry on Screaming. In the show, Dementia goes on vacation and Undead Johnny takes advantage of the situation by selling every last bit of airtime to advertisers for commercials. Can Dementia save the day when the evil Eva Von Klemper threatens to cancel the show because Johnny has defaulted on his contract by not providing entertainment during the movie?

Find out by watching the hosting segments below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Visit The World of the Weird Monster Show at:

Crypt of Horror Comics

Since 2005 AC Comics has been publishing the comic Crypt of Horror. Each issue is 120 pages of 1950s, pre-code, black and white horror comics. Just as in the DVD series Crypt of Horror, Lon Madnight hosts the comic and presents the stories.

For more information or to order the comics visit: AC Comics

Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show

In 2003 Uncle Davver filmed a horror host show pilot called Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show. It is a cross between a Spook Show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and the live Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings.

The pilot has Uncle Davver being joined by many other charaters and celebrities in mocking the movie Horror Express. As of now, this is the only episode filmed.

Click play to watch the entire pilot episode:

For more information visit: Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show

Dr. Paul Bearer

Dr. Paul Bearer hosted the shows Shock Theatre, Creature Feature, Fright Theatre, and Horror, Inc. from the 1960s to the 1990s in the Florida area. Known for his puns, visual gags, and commercial spoofs, he was a beloved fixture for children of all ages for many decades.

Dr. Bearer ended each episode with the saying, "Until next week, fright fans.... I'll be LURKING for you...". He also owned his own hearse, with his catchphrase on the back, which he used to drive to personal appearances.

Dick Bennick, who played Dr. Paul Bearer, passed away on February 18, 1995.

Here are some clips from various years as presented on his 20th Anniversary Special:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Nightmare Sinema

Starting in July of 2007, Detroit's Wolfman Mac has been presenting Nightmare Sinema every Saturday night at midnight. Mac is joined on his show by Boney Bob, Professor M. Balmer, Sir Morgus Gravesly, Creepy Clyde, Morbid Melvin, Torg, and Ivana Werkagenn.

Here are the hosting segments from Nightmare Sinema featuring The Hideous Sun Demon:

Here are the hosting segments from Nightmare Sinema featuring King Kong Vs Godzilla:

Visit the Nightmare Sinema website at:

Cinema Insomnia - In Search of Ancient Astronauts

This is an episode of Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo featuring an edited TV version of the 1970 German documentary Chariots of the Gods, that examines the theory that aliens have landed on Earth in ancient times and were responsible for many of mankind's oldest mysteries. This pilot for the TV series In Search Of is hosted by Rod Serling.

Click play to watch the full episode:

Check out the Cinema Insomnia website at:

Haunted Theatre

Haunted Theatre has been running under various names since 2000. It is hosted by Halloween Jack, New Jersey's first horror host. He is joined on the show by such charaters as Wuzard the Wizard, Silly, Bago Bones, Meg, and others.

Halloween Jack is also a horror historian and writes for Count Gore's website. Toy can view his column here: Hall of Horror History.

Here is a CD promo Halloween Jack made:

Fool's Paradise Halloween 2004

Fool's Paradise is a weekly radio program broadcast Saturdays at 1:00 PM EST on station WFMU out of the Hudson Valley area of New York. Rex, the host of the show, plays rare, old vinyl records, most of which are unusual. Vlad and Creighton from Ghoul A Go-Go sometimes appear on the show, as is the case with the October 30, 2004 episode. That Halloween edition featured Vlad and Creighton in studio and a call in interview with Zacherley, along with various Halloween, horror, and horror host themed music.

Click play to listen to the full October 30, 2004 Halloween show:

For more information about WFMU, visit:

November Fire

November Fire is a company that sells apparel and accessories featuring horror and cult movie posters and artwork. They also sell classic horror movies on DVD.
Included in their inventory are many horror host items. They have clothing with logos of Bob Wilkins, Monster Creature Feature, Cinema Insomnia, Son of Ghoul, Saturday Fright Special, Chiller Theater, and a few others. Also items like stickers are also available with the horror host logos on them. Among their DVDs are titles from Bob Wilkins and Cinema Insomnia. They are also always on the lookout for other horror hosts to appear on their merchandise.

To see their whole line, go to:

Karlos Borloff Horror Host Graveyard Promo

The first Horror Host Graveyard promo features Karlos Borloff from Monster Madhouse.

Watch it here:

Visit Monster Madhouse at:

The Creepy Clyde Movie

A regular on Nightmare Sinema, Creepy Clyde now has his own horror host show. The Creepy Clyde Movie started on December 12, 2008 and is broadcast on Friday nights at 10 PM in areas of Michigan.

Here is a clip from his show:

Visit Creepy Clyde's website at:

Ormon Grimsby Interviews Uncle Pigors

Monster Creature Feature host Ormon Grimsby interviewed artist Uncle Pigors, creator of Toxic Toons, in one of his episodes.

Watch it here:

Uncle Pigors also designed a Monster Creature Feature poster, which is available here: MFC Store

Check out more of Monster Creature Feature here:

Hel on Ice Comics

HEL on ICE, Ms. Monster's show is also a comic book. Presented like the old EC comics, with Mr. Monster and her monster melons, Tit & Tat, hosting various humorous stories. Some stories are standalone features and others continue through other issues.

The comics are filled with the characters and the humor of the Hel on Ice show, with Ms. Monster popping up in different situations and even having some games.

You can buy them from Ms. Monster's store here: Ms. Monster Shop

Creature Features With Bob Wilkins

Bob Wilkins hosted Creature Features in the San Francisco area of California from 1971 - 1979. Known for his cigar and witty put-downs about the lower quality movies he sometimes showed, he was loved by fans and celebrities. He did enjoy horror movies themselves, even coining his trademark phrase "Watch horror moives, keep America strong."

Creature Features was often visited by many celebrities and horror genre icons who stopped in to be interviewed by Bob. He eventually decided to movie on and handed the show over to John Stanley.

Bob Wilkins passed away on January 7, 2009.

Here is Bob's last Creature Features from 1981:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Visit the Bob Wilkins website at:

Count Gore De Vol 10th Anniversary

On July 11, 2008 the horror host community celebrated Count Gore De Vol's 10th anniversary of broadcasting on the internet. They did this by giving him an old fashioned roast. Led by Dr. Sarcofiguy the roasters included Ormon Grimsby, Karlos Borloff, Jebediah Buzzard, A. Ghastlee Ghoul, Halloween Jack, Terry and Tiffany Dufoe, Dr. Zombie, and many others.
Here is a preview trailer for the special:

Here is Count Gore's intro to the special:

Watch part 1 of the special here:

Watch part 2 of the special here:

Here is a contribution from The Dark Vault of Public Domain that did not make it into the final program:

See Count Gore's Weekly Web Program at: