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Nightmare Sinema Comic Book

Detroit, Michigan horror host Wolfman Mac and the gang at Nightmare Sinema have released a comic of their adventures. It is available at their public appearances and in comic shops.

Here is a commercial for the comic with Wolman Mac himself:

Visit the Nightmare Sinema website at:

Sammy Terry - Die Monster Die

Sammy Terry presented the movie Die Monster Die on his self-titled show in October of 1987.
Watch his host segments below:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Sir Cecil Creape

Sir Cecil Creape hosted Creature Feature in Nashville, Tennessee in the 1970s and 1980s.

Here is a clip of his Halloween episode from 1971:

Meet Cleaver Theatre Thanksgiving Episode

Butch R. Cleaver presents Meet Cleaver Theatre's Thanksgiving episode.
This is Butch's description of episode 129 of Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub Atomic:

"Greetings Krypt Kats! Butch R. Cleaver here with another obscure treat for your holiday weekend. Since it's Turkey day we decided to get in the spirit with a turkey related movie. We failed. The closest we could find is a turgid tale of chickens, hootin', hollerin' and the kind of relationship issues that are only found in some of the finer trailer parks of our great nation. It's the 1974 drive-in obscuro-classic: "Cockfighter"! And place your bets on what our retro-mercial selections are.... yeah, you guessed it. It's everyone's favorite chicken related chain restaurant from two cultural decide which one is weirder."

Watch it here:

Fright Time FunHouse Thanksgiving Episode

Jebediah Buzzard presents Fright Time FunHouse's Thanksgiving episode.
Here is a description in Jeb's own words:

Thanksgiving Turkey Turd Movie o-Rama!
"Hey Ghouls 'n' Goblins!
For Turkey Day I bring you total turkey turd of a movie chock full of drugged fueled depravity and a crappy looking blood thirsty drug crazed turkey headed man-thing-monster.
Such a description could only mean "Blood Freak"! See this rare gem (ahem) a, cartoon, '60's anti-drug propaganda films, and loads of hilarious audio inserts."

Here is the first five minutes. Clink the links in the video to see the full episode.

Morella's Graveyard Theater

Morella's Graveyard Theater is a DVD based horror host show. It stars Morella, who introduces the multi-film DVDs.
Watch a clip of Graveyard Theater here:

Visit her at:

Penny Dreadful Interview

Here is an interview with Penny Dreadful and Garou from 2007.

Son of Svengoolie 300th Episode

Son of Svengoolie presented his 300th episode on May 4, 1985. After showing the movie Dracula, Sven played a retrospective of clips from his past shows.
Here is the clips portion of that show:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Brainwashed By Professor Nitro

Brainwashed By Professor Nitro is a Bolingbrook, IL horror host show starring Professor Nitro.
The origin of Professor Nitro as described by the Professor himself:
"While demonstrating the method of turning an ordinary potato into an actual working "electric battery", freak atmospheric conditions (and the fact that he had just shuffled across shag carpeting) combined - causing something to go horribly wrong: Unassuming science teacher Eugene Poindexter was suddenly transformed into... PROFESSOR NITRO!! BEWARE THE ELECTRIC POTATO (and beware... Professor Nitro's EVIL PLAN)!"

Here is a clip from the show:

Visit his site at:

The Ghoul Show First WCLQ Episode

The Ghoul Show had it first airing on Cleveland's WCLQ Ch. 61 in 1982.
Here are segments from that episode:

Part 1:

Part 2:

TV Guide Article

The article The Best and the Frightest was published in the October 28, 2000 issue of TV Guide. It gives a history of horror hosts and spotlights Zacherley, Svengoolie, Stella, The Ghoul, and Count Floyd.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them to read:

Cryptique: Army of Darkness

Episode 2 of Miko Macabre's Cryptique features the movie Army of Darkness.
Watch it here:

Visit her website:

Dr. San Guinary Documentary

Dr. San Guinary hosted Creature Feature from 1971-1981 on KMTV Channel 3 in Omaha, Nebraska. This is a retrospective from an Iowa public television station.

Do You Like Scary Movies?

Las Vegas horror host Zomboo released a CD of music from his show called Do You Like Scary Movies? The music is performed by Jan Short.

Here is a commercial for the CD along with a performance by Jan Short:

Dr. Cadaver's Monster Horror Theatre

Dr. Cadaver's Monster Horror Theatre aired in Florida from 1998 - 99. Dr. Cadaver and Igor were the hosts of the show.

Here are some clips from the show's run :

Here is a clip from when they hosted The Giant Gila Monster :

Here is another clip from The Giant Gila Monster :

A clip from show #10 featuring Creature From the Haunted Sea part 1 :

A clip from show #10 featuring Creature From the Haunted Sea part 2 :

Monster Madhouse Season 5 Intro

Season five of Monster Madhouse features an all new intro for the show.

Click play to see the intro:

Friday Fright

Friday Fright was hosted by the Grim Reaper on WTSP Channel 10 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Here is a clip of Friday Fright from 1989:

Crypt of Horror

Crypt of Horror is a series of DVDs that feature old horror and sci-fi movies hosted by Lon Madnight. Lon is joined in his adventures by Kim and Spooky Sam.

Lon and the gang appear in hosting segments related to the movie being shown. They also provide background information on the movie and it's actors. The dialog is well written and very funny.
The DVDs are released by AC Comics .

Here is Lon in a "Horror Express" commercial:

Lon is doing a review of a CD release here:

You can visit Lon's MySpace at:

Dr. Gangrene

Dr. Gangrene started his show in 1999. Broadcasting out of Nashville, Tennessee the Dr.'s show has been on in various different forms and names. It started out as a half hour show called Chiller Cinema which featured interviews, trailers, and sketches.

He was then given a second show, The Mad Movie of the Week, that had him hosting full length movies. It moved to a new station and was retitled Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema. The show gained many more fans with the move and was even highly regarded by critics. It's most recent change was moving to Nashville's WB CH58, where is it know as The WB58 Creature Feature with Dr. Gangrene.

The good doctor usually has a nurse as an assistant, starting with Nurse Deadbody and currently Nurse Moan-Eek. Oogsley, Dr. Gangrene's igor, is also always around to help with experiments and to get films for the doctor to show.

Here is the opening from season 3 of Chiller Cinema :

Click play to see the opening to Dr. Gangrene's Chiller C…

Fright Time FunHouse

Jebediah Buzzard is said to be Arkansas' first and only late night horror host. He hosts Fright Time FunHouse with Mongo the Undead Cajun Rodeo Clown.

The show started in 2003 and is still currently airing. He mixes full length movies, including some audio drop-ins, with trailers and other shorts.

Jebediah also hosts a weekly radio show on the internet based station Cult Radio A Go-Go. Check out their website for a schedule:
Here are some clips of Fright Time FunHouse that link to the full episodes:

Vist the Fright Time FunHouse website at :

Count Scary

Michigan horror host Count Scary hosted horror movie specials from 1982 to the 1990's.

He is featured in a few clips in this horror host montage:

Ghost Host Theatre

George Lewis played Ghost Host in Baltimore WBFF-TV channel 45's Ghost Host Theatre from 1971-85. He passed away December 18, 2000.

Here are a few clips from the show:

Monsterfest 2006 Horror Host Panel

At the 2006 Monsterfest convention there was a horror host panel that included Karlos Borloff, Sally the Zombie Cheerleader, Gizmo, Count Gore De Vol, Dr. Madblood, The Bowman Body, Dr. Sarcofiguy, Penny Dreadful, and Garou.

Here are a few videos from it:

Midnight Monster Hop Fan Club

The fan club for the Pennsylvania horror host show Midnight Monster Hop is a great set that includes a membership card, certificate, button, bumper sticker, autographed picture, and other items the may throw in.

You can purchase it here:

Watch a commercial for the fan club below:

Madd Frank Presents

Fargo, North Dakota's horror host Madd Frank ran from 1985-95. The show was called Madd Frank Presents and at one point was syndicated to many other states.

Here are a couple of clips from Madd Frank Presents: