Dr. Gangrene

Dr. Gangrene started his show in 1999. Broadcasting out of Nashville, Tennessee the Dr.'s show has been on in various different forms and names. It started out as a half hour show called Chiller Cinema which featured interviews, trailers, and sketches.

He was then given a second show, The Mad Movie of the Week, that had him hosting full length movies. It moved to a new station and was retitled Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema. The show gained many more fans with the move and was even highly regarded by critics. It's most recent change was moving to Nashville's WB CH58, where is it know as The WB58 Creature Feature with Dr. Gangrene.

The good doctor usually has a nurse as an assistant, starting with Nurse Deadbody and currently Nurse Moan-Eek. Oogsley, Dr. Gangrene's igor, is also always around to help with experiments and to get films for the doctor to show.

Here is the opening from season 3 of Chiller Cinema :

Click play to see the opening to Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema :

Click play to see the opening to Creature Feature with Dr. Gangrene :

Here is Dr Gangrene & Oogsley from season 1 of Chiller Cinema :

Here is a commercial for a recent episode featuring the movie Five Deadly Venoms :

Visit Dr. Gangrene's Web Lab at : http://www.chillercinema.com/


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