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Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub-Atomic - Eps 200, 202, 203

Butch R. Cleaver continues to serve up his weekly Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub-Atomic episodes, which presents some of the oddest trailers ever made.

Watch some of the recent episodes below:

# 200 anniversary episode:

# 202 Video Violence:

# 203 Girl's Nite Out:

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Creature Feature Promo Blooper

While filming a promo for Creature Feature, Count Gore De Vol and Dr. Sarcofiguy and Boo dePest, from Spooky Movie Television, the entire group looses focus and veers off track.

Watch the clip here:

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Ormsby's Cinema Insane - Monster From A Prehistoric Planet

The first episode of the second season of Ormsby's Cinema Insane finds Ormsby trying to cheer up one of the clones by sending her back in time, while presenting the movie Monster From A Prehistoric Planet. Watch the full show below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Roxsy Tyler At Monster Mania

Roxsy Tyler and Johnnie 13, from Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors, visited the Monster Mania convention, where she sat in at The Monster Channel's table and met up with Stella and Hives from Saturday Night Dead and the cast of Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead.

Watch her report here:

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Elvira's Movie Macabre - Lady Frankenstein

Elvira, Elvira's Movie Macabre, Movie Macabre
While presenting the movie Lady Frankenstein on an episode of Elvira's Movie Macabre, Elvira meets Son of Elvira.

Watch the hosting segments below:

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Creepy Castle - Manster

In, episode two of Creepy Castle, The Crypt Meister is late paying a VHS tape to Warren for his rent, while he presents the movie Manster.

See a promo for the episode here:

Watch the hosting clips for the episode below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Shocking Theater - Dead Men Walk

Igor has gone missing, forcing Justy Ghost to present Dead Men Walk on his own in the latest episode of Shocking Theater

Watch the full show here:

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Circus Envy's Side Show Cinema Bloopers

Sometimes the filming of Circus Envy's Side Show Cinema doesn't go as planned for Circus Envy and the rest of the cast.

Watch bloopers from the show here:

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Dr. Gangrene Interviews Ari Lehman

In 2010, Dr. Gangrene interviewed Ari Lehman, the fist actor to play Jason Vorhees in the movie Friday the 13th.

Watch the full interview here:

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The Basement Sublet of Horror Virtual Horror Convention

Gunther Dedmund, from The Basement Sublet of Horror, has created a virtual horror convention for those people who aren't able to attend a convention themselves. By going to the BSOH Virtual Horror Convention part of his website, you can experience what it is like to be at a convention and meet Gunther, plus visit other guests and and see some of the events.

There is also a DVD version of the virtual convention that includes more features and a film by one of the con's guests.

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Hel on Ice Monster Channel Promos

Ms. Monster and Tit and Tat, from HEL on ICE, have been recording promotional videos for The Monster Channel and things didn't always go right while making them.

Watch two of the promos below:

See some bloopers from the shoots here:

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Midnite Mausoleum - Eurosleaze Volume 1

Midnite Mausoleum Eurosleaze Volume 1 is a new, direct to DVD, adults only edition of Midnite Mausoleum. In it, Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves present the movie The Devil's Nightmare and the The Puppubus short.

Watch a promo for the DVD here:

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Movie Madness - Return of the Vampire

In episode 36 of Movie Madness Dr. Mel Praxis presents the movie Return of the Vampire.

Watch a trailer for the episode here:

See the full show here:

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Horror Host St. Patrick's Day

Horror host seem to love holidays. Ormsby and Butch R. Cleaver are two that are celebrating St. Patrick's Day by making special videos for the day.

Watch Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub-Atomic # 201, with the trailer for Patrick, here:

See Ormsby celebrate with his neighbors here:

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Dr. Gangrene Interviews Debbie Rochon

Dr. Gangrene, from Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema, interviewed horror actress Debbie Rochon at an event in 2010.

Watch the interview here:

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Creature Feature - The Beast of Yucca Flats

On an episode of Count Gore De Vol's Weekly Web Program version of Creature Feature, he presented The Beast of Yucca Flats, which he considers the worst horror films ever made.

Watch the full show below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre - Night of The Living Dead

In an episode of Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre Dr. Destruction gets involved in a zombie walk when he showed the movie Night of The Living Dead

Watch the full show here:

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Bloodshot Theatre - Blood of Dracula

The March 2011 movie presented by E. Spanto on Bloodshot Theatre is 1957's Blood of Dracula.

Watch a preview for the episode below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Helena Hussy of Horror - Frightology

In 2010, Helena Hussy of Horror was commissioned film host segments for movies airing on Frightology, an online movie website that was never launched. Helena filmed some of the segments but they were never aired.

Watch a promo for them here:

See the segments for Curse of Pirate Death here:

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HorrorHound Weekend 2011

The HorrorHound Weekend convention in Indianapolis, Indiana is being held on March 25-27, 2011. This year there will be another large gathering of hosts and many host related events, such as a Tribute To Zacherley, the Horror Host Roast of Mr. Lobo, and the first inductees in the Horror Host Hall of Fame. It is also the first G.O.T.H.I.C. event, the Gathering of Television Horror Hosts, Internet and Cinema.

Watch host promos for the event below:

Count Gore:

Victor VonScary:

The Late Dr. Lady:

Riggor Mortiss:

Marlena Midnite:

Circus Envy:

The Ghouligans!:

Nigel Honeybone:

Count and Countess Gregula:

Uncle Death:

Gunther Dedmund:

Uncle Death 2:

Fritz The Nite Owl:

Monster Madhouse on FOX News

In October of 2010, Count Gore De Vol, Karlos Borloff, and Sasha appeared on the morning show of their local FOX station to discuss Halloween costumes and makeup.

Watch their segments, with behind the scenes footage, here:

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The Basement Sublet of Horror - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

It's Gunther Dedmund's laundry day in episode 111 of The Basement Sublet of Horror in which he presents his "Film Butcher" version of The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

Watch the full show here:

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Morgus Experiments

On every episode of Morgus Presents Dr. Morgus the Magnificent performed experiments. With the help of Chopsley and ERIC, they did not always go well.

See the hosting segments from a few episodes of the show here:

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Shocking Theater - Terror By Night

In an episode of Shocking Theater called Elementary My Dear Ghost, Justy Ghost is intent on solving a crime as he and Igor present the movie Terror By Night.

Watch the full show here:


Dr. Gangrene's Recommended Movie of the Week - The Blob

In episode 31 of Dr. Gangrene's Recommended Movie of the Week, Dr. Gangrene's pick is the original version of The Blob.

Watch the episode here:

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Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub-Atomic - Episodes 197 - 199

Butch R. Cleaver continues to make his weekly Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub-Atomic trailer shows, in which he give his summaries of the oddest trailers ever made.

Watch some of the most recent episodes below:

Episode 197 - Humongous:

Episode 198 - She Freak:

Episode 199 - Private Parts:

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The Basement Of Baron Morbid - Nosferatu

In episode 30 of The Basement Of Baron Morbid, Baron Morbid and Jacque dedicate their presentation of the movie Nosferatu, to their youngest fan.

Watch the full show here;

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Count Zappula's Horror House

Count Zappula's Horror House ran in the Michigan area in the 1970s through to the 1990s. It was hosted by Count Zappula with his skull companion, Chauncey.

Watch a clip from Life's Most Embarrassing Moments, with a blooper from his show, here:

See a clip from 1987 with Headless Harold here:

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Creepy Castle

Creepy Castle began airing on Waltham Cable Access in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts in 2011. It is hosted by The Crypt Meister, who pays his rent to his landlord, Warren, in bad movies on VHS tapes.

Watch a commercial for the show here:

See another promo here:

View the hosting segments from the first episode, in which Plan 9 From Outer Space was presented, here:

Ogle a promo for the first episode here:

Professor Nitro - Calling All Planets

Professor Nitro, from Brainwashed By Professor Nitro, has recorded a song called Calling All Planets with his band The Twins of Evil and musician Flick Dillinger.

Watch a video for it here:

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