HorrorHound Weekend 2011

The HorrorHound Weekend convention in Indianapolis, Indiana is being held on March 25-27, 2011. This year there will be another large gathering of hosts and many host related events, such as a Tribute To Zacherley, the Horror Host Roast of Mr. Lobo, and the first inductees in the Horror Host Hall of Fame. It is also the first G.O.T.H.I.C. event, the Gathering of Television Horror Hosts, Internet and Cinema.

Watch host promos for the event below:

Count Gore:

Victor VonScary:

The Late Dr. Lady:

Riggor Mortiss:

Marlena Midnite:

Circus Envy:

The Ghouligans!:

Nigel Honeybone:

Count and Countess Gregula:

Uncle Death:

Gunther Dedmund:

Uncle Death 2:

Fritz The Nite Owl:


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