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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moona Lisa

Moona Lisa was the host of a few differently named shows in the San Diego, California area. She was on the air from 1963 to 1973 on shows called Science Fiction Theatre, Fright Night, Moona Lisa's Creature Features, and Moona's Midnight Madness.

Watch a clip from one of her shows here:


Anonymous said...

Wow,moona lisa,or lisa clark,I had the pleasure of being her escort to an event years ago. What a incredible lady...and she could put on a show.

Elyse said...

Hi Anonymous,

Moona Lisa is my grandmother and I don't know her very well but I think its amazing that you met her! What event did you guys go to?Look forward to hearing from you!


Elyse Clark

Anonymous said...

I know where Moona Lisa is! She is still in San Diego, still beautiful and still has a bird's voice in her 90's. She is at a skilled nursing home in Banker's Hill with my Mom.

Anonymous said...

I remember her show on KHJ ch. 9 in LA.
I was a young man about 13 years old with hormones just RAGING!
Seeing her with that outfit just made me go CRAZY!!
Does any video still exest??
Anyway hope she`s doing OK now.

MaKayla Ross said...

I met her yesterday in a nursing home in San Diego! She is beautiful and the sweetest older lady that I have ever met. I don't think she remembers very much but when you ask her about her life, she just says, It is what it is... She is wonderful...:)

tom2323 said...

As a kid I had always thought she was the sister of Carolyn Jones, Addams Family...but since I can find no mention of that, I assume someone told me that and I believed it.

Anonymous said...

I recall watching here on channel 4 kmox St. Louis Missouri I live out is a very rual area and so I had my mother take me to my Grandmothers and CoZ in town to watch her on the cable tv on the weekends. I really miss those days and the showes!! year 1973 1974 or so