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Zacherley At Large People Today Article

Zacherley, who's Zacherley At Large show was on TV at the time, was profiled in the August 1959 issue of the men's magazine People Today.

The full article is below, click on each picture to make it open it larger:

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Screaming Horror Theater - Paranatural Inactivity

Episode 16 of Screaming Horror Theater is called Paranatural Inactivity and is their Halloween recap episode. In it, The Host and Remmy play a board game, while Emm and Elle process the Halloween mail and Ashley Eek looks for her pet lizard.

Watch the hosting segments below:
Part 1:

Part 2:

A promo for episodes 16 and 17::

Tales From The Other Side - Destroy All Planets

In episode 9 of Tales From The Other Side, Hybrid hosts the classic kaiju movie Destroy All Planets.

Watch the full show here:

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FridayNight FrightNight - Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated

Count Victor Von Scary, Baron Randal Graves, Captain Creepshow, and the rest of the FridayNight FrightNight cast get animated in their special Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated edition of their show.

Watch the full episode, with the film, here:

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Nightmare Theatre - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Episode 5 of Nightmare Theatre has El Sapo finding out about true love, while Baron Mondo Von Doren and Mittens present the movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die and listen to some bands play.

Watch the full show and movie here:

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Thriller Theatre Starring Margali

Thriller Theatre Starring Margali was a show that ran in Jackson, Mississippi from 1990 to 1993. It starred Margali Morwentari, who referred to her viewers as "Couch Pumpkins", and her unseen werewolf announcer, Wendel.

Margali has also hosted a book of horror stories and there was a cartoon version of her show in development at one time.

Watch some clips from her show below:

The theme song, called Boo:

A commercial from her sponsor, Motel 666:

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Alternative Realities - Black Sunday

In episode 15 of Alternative Realities, Dr. Sigmund Zoid and Sluggo move into a new part of the castle as they show the movie Black Sunday.

Watch the full show, with the movie, here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Did Someone Call? Song

A band called Sir Cecil and the Creeps produced a song called Did Someone Call?, which is a tribute to Creature Feature host Sir Cecil Creape's signature phrase. Dr. Gangrene, from Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema, played guitar on the song.

Listen to it below or right click here to download: Did Someone Call?

Monster Madhouse - Fury of the Wolfman

Karlos Borloff, Lizard Man,
In one of the newest editions of Monster Madhouse, Karlos Borloff, Sasha, Lord Stabsalot, Jebediah Buzzard, Lizard Man, and the rest of the Monsterminators present the movie Fury of the Wolfman and other werewolf clips.

Watch a preview of the episode here:

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Meet Cleaver Theatre - Valentine's Day

A belated Valentine's Day is celebrated by Butch R. Cleaver in episode 156 of Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub Atomic, in which he shows the trailer for the movie Sky High and some retro commercials.

Watch the episode here:

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Ormsby's Cinema Insane

Ormsby's Cinema Insane is a horror host show from Mastic, New York and started in February of 2010. It's mad scientist host, Ormsby, lives in The Haunted Light House which is also The Transylvanian Embassy. The show has him hosting movies and giving his movie reviews.

Watch the first episode, in which Ormsby presents the movie Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory, here:

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John Zacherle Halloween Special 1991

In addition to hosting horror movies and cartoons, Zacherley's alter ego, John Zacherle, was also a radio disc jockey. At various times he was on WCBS-FM and WNEW-FM in New York. Even after he stopped working in radio regularly, he would return to do Halloween specials, with the most recent being in 2008.

One of these specials aired on October 31, 1991 on WCBS-FM 101.1 in New York. Listen to the edited version of the broadcast, courtesy of, below or right click here to download it: Zacherle Halloween

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Dr. Gangrene's Top 10 Vincent Price Movies

Dr. Gangrene from Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema is a big Vincent Price fan, so he decided to list his top ten favorite Vincent Price movies.

Watch the doctor's countdown here:

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Fright Time FunHouse - Bad Taste

The Peter Jackson movie Bad Taste is presented by Jebediah Buzzard, who is still in his spaceship with Karlos Borloff and Lizard Man from Monster Madhouse, in the newest episode of Fright Time FunHouse.

Watch the first five minutes below and click the links in the video to see the full show:

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Midnite Mausoleum - The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman

The movie The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman in episode 118 of Midnite Mausoleum and Wolfred is excited to be watching another of his kind.

Watch the show, with the movie, below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Zomboo Highlights

Zomboo has made a video compilation of scenes from many episodes of Zomboo's House of Horror Movies as a new commercial.

Watch it here:

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The Late Night Horror Show

The Late Night Horror Show began on channel KSPR in Springfield, Missouri on April 21, 1989 and ended in 1990. It was hosted by the vampire Count Norlock.

Watch the hosting segments from two of his episodes below:

Dixie Dellamorto Art

Dixie Dellamorto is an artist who specializes in genre artwork. This includes, among other subjects, horror stars and horror hosts.

She has done portraits of the guys from Ghoul A-Go-Go, Mr. Lobo, and Bob Wilkins, as well as actors such as Vincent Price and Pee-Wee Herman.

She sells painting on request, with a subject your your choosing, for $35. To buy one, send $35 through PayPal to .

FENDRED's Chamber - Trailer Episode 2

The second FENDRED's Chamber trailer episode focuses on William Castle and features Fendred Freakin, Mama Freakin, Goth the Crow, and Roxsy Tyler presenting trailers from some of his films.

Watch the episode here:

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The Phantom of the Opry

In addition to hosting Creature Feature, Nashville, Tennessee host Sir Cecil Creape also hosted The Phantom of the Opry.

Watch a clip from the opening of a 1983 episode of the show here:

Zacherley Receives A CRAGGY Award

As part of their annual CRAGGY Awards, the radio station Cult Radio A-Go-Go awarded their first "Hall of Fame" CRAGGY to Zacherley. The 2009 award was voted on by the station's listeners and was recently presented to Zach by Rich Scrivani, who took these photos of him accepting it.

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Dr. Dreck's Theme Song

The band Slant 6 and the Jumpstarts recorded a song about The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck called Dr. Dreck's Theme Song.

See a video for the song here:

Gunther Dedmund Horror Host Graveyard Promos

Gunther Dedmund, from The Basement Sublet of Horror, filmed two promotional spots for the Horror Host Graveyard.

Watch the two promos below:

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On The Mat - The Bone Jangler

In an episode of the wrestling show On The Mat, The Bone Jangler joins the host Ritchard T to discuss horror movies, hosts, wrestling matches, and bubble gum.

Watch part of the show here:

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HorrorHound Weekend Vampira Tribute

The list of hosts that are attending the Vampira tribute at the Indianapolis HorrorHound Weekend keeps growing. Many of the hosts are working up the interest for the March 26-28, 2010 weekend by producing promotional spots for the event. To see a list of all the hosts that will be at the convention, visit the website:

Watch some of the promos here:

Uncle Roy Hoggins:

Freakshow and Vivacious Vivian:


Marlena Midnight and Robin Graves:

Ms. Monster:

Count Gore De Vol:

Gunther Dedmund:

Dr. Sigmund Zoid:

The Cool Ghoul:

Count Gregula:

Howling Horror Theatre - Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter

Howling Horror Theatre, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, started in 2007 and is hosted by Baron Wolfbane, who is joined by Jinx, Marrock, Max, and Witch Hazel, as well as Dr. Svoroff and Nurse Bela Donna. The Baron presents his movies from his Lycanthopic Lair, such as in episode five, when he showed Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter.

See an early promo for the show here:

Watch episode 6, including the movie, below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ghoul A-Go-Go at the WFMU Record Fair

On October 25, 2008 Vlad and Creighton from Ghoul A-Go-Go were at the WFMU Record Fair. They both presided over an actual wedding and afterwards held a dance party.

Listen to the edition of the Fool's Paradise radio show in which the wedding was broadcast here:

Watch a video of the dance party here:

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Movie Madness - Dementia 13

Dr. Praxis, Alice, and Stromboli visit New York in episode 6 of Movie Madness, in which they present the movie Dementia 13 and give their interesting background information on the film.

Watch the full show and movie here:

Part 1:

Part 2: