John Zacherle Halloween Special 1991

In addition to hosting horror movies and cartoons, Zacherley's alter ego, John Zacherle, was also a radio disc jockey. At various times he was on WCBS-FM and WNEW-FM in New York. Even after he stopped working in radio regularly, he would return to do Halloween specials, with the most recent being in 2008.

One of these specials aired on October 31, 1991 on WCBS-FM 101.1 in New York. Listen to the edited version of the broadcast, courtesy of, below or right click here to download it: Zacherle Halloween

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Ormsby said…
That brings back memories of Halloween past. I use to sit at the radio on Halloween with a tape recorder recording his WCBS special so I could play it back during the year. He also did a special on a local UHF MTV style video channel here on Long Island (don't remember the name of the station). Those were the days.
Steve West said…
Thanks for the link!

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