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The Dark Vault of Public Domain New Year's Bash

The Dark Vault of Public Domain New Year's Bash is episode 16 from their first season. In it Uncle Pete tours Stockton, Canada while El Vato remains frozen back in the vault. Meanwhile, Uncle Pete presents a couple of short films and Pride of the Bowery.

Watch the full episode below:
Part 1:

Part 2:

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Dumpsterpiece Theatre

Dumpsterpiece Theatre ran on KPAL-TV, Channel 38 in Lancaster, California from 1994 - 1997 and again from 2000 - 2003. It was hosted by Junkyard John with Alphonso T. Rat and Stu the Carrot. Early episodes were hosted by actor Michael Berryman.

Here is the full episode #45 featuring Creature from the Haunted Sea:

Vist them at their website:

Big Ole Face Full of Monster

Big Ole Face Full of Monster is a great magazine with interviews, reviews, and fiction about the horror genre.
Issue #4 is of special note for it's excellent interview with Penny Dreadful from Shilling Shockers. In the well illustrated article, Penny gives a lot of background information on the origin of her show, herself and the other characters on the show. She also gives readers an inside look at some behind the scenes stories. It is definitely a must read for any Shilling Shockers fans.
To get issue #4, other back issues, or a subscription, go here: Back Issues

Check out their website for more information on the magazine:
Big Ole Face Full of Monster

Cryptique - Silent Night, Deadly Night

Miko Macabre has a new episode of Cryptique for Christmas 2008 featuring Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Watch it here:

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Son of Svengoolie - The Day After Christmas

Here are a few Son of Svengoolie Christmas clips, inluding The Day After Christmas. Also appearing are Tombstone the Talking Skull and Doug Graves, the piano player.

Tales From The Graveyard Shift - Christmas 2007

Tales From The Graveyard Shift's 2007 Christmas show featured One Step Beyond.

Click play below to see the first 5 minutes, follow the links in the video to see the full episode:

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Shilling Shockers - A GRRRRistmas Story

In the season 6, episode 7 Shilling Shockers episode called A GRRRRistmas Story, Penny Dreadful feels glum during the holiday season, so Garou encourages her to go shopping at local establishments.

In this clip Penny tells everyone her feelings about the season:

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The World of the Weird Monster Show Christmas Special 2006

The World of the Weird Monster Show had its first Christmas special in 2006. In it Undead Johnny, Dementia, Demonia, Igor and the Undead Johnny Christmas-ettes celebrate the holiday season. When the zombie actor Igor hires to play as a guest on the show starts a Christmas Zombie Outbreak, things get a little out of hand.

Watch the hosting segments below:
Part 1:

Part 2:

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Tales From The Graveyard Shift - Christmas 2006

Here is the Tales From The Graveyard Shift's internet only 2006 Christmas episode featuring the movie Black Sabbath.

Click play below to see the first 5 minutes, follow the links in the video to see the full episode:

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We Wish You A Scaaary Christmas

Count Scary released a 45 RPM record in the 1980s called We Wish You A Scaaary Christmas on the 800/CKLW label. It has his version of Jingle Bells with We Wish You A Scary Christmas on the flip side.

To download the two songs as a WAV file, go to Commodore Crush.

Click here to download the full record as: We Wish You A Scaaary Christmas

A Ghastlee Yule

Here is the opening part of The Ghastlee Movie Show's 2006 Christmas episode featuring its host, A. Ghastlee Ghoul.

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Son of Svengoolie - The Bells of St. Berwyn

The Bells of St. Berwyn is a sketch from Son of Svengoolie in the 1980s parodying the movie The Bells of St. Mary's.

Watch it here:

Tales From The Graveyard Shift - King Kong Christmas

Watch Son of the Blob sing King Kong from Dr. Pureblood's Tales From The Graveyard Shift's 2005 Christmas Special:

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Fright Time FunHouse Christmas Special 2008

Fright Time FunHouse presented a Christmas special this year, but it isn't hosted by Jebediah Buzzard. He brought in a guest host for this episode.

Here's Jeb's description of the special:

"As you may know, I don't do the Xmas specials. Instead Big "D" himself pops in for his yearly visit do host some type of seasonally themed movie. This year's special is "Maciste in Hell", a 1920's French silent film about the perils of selling ones soul. The soundtrack has been stripped and replaced by the brillaint hillbilly goth stylings of my friend Rodger Chennault, known for his band "Hillrod" and the soundtrack for my film "Golgotha, AR". Also, loads of extra goodies in the way of silly short films, hilarious shots of kids scared shitless of old St. Nick, Wayne Newton singing "Jingle Bell Hustle", and bouncy boobs."

Watch the first 5 minutes below and click in the video to see the full episode:

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The Son Of Ghoul - The Nutcracker

Watch The Son Of Ghoul perform The Nutcracker in this clip from his show:

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The World of the Weird Monster Show 2008 Christmas Special

The World of the Weird Monster Show is broadcasting their 2008 Christmas Special on December 19, 2008.

Watch all the segments without the movie here:

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The Dark Vault of Public Domain Holiday Special

The Dark Vault of Public Domain's season 1 episode 15 was their 2007 holiday special. In it, Uncle Pete and El Vato present the movie Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Also adding to the holiday cheer are Azul de Vaca, El Rojo Gato, 42nd Street Jimmy and The VITOBOT (TM).

Watch a five minute preview of each part below and click in the videos to watch the full episodes.
Part 1:

Part 2:

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Karlos Borloff Radio Interview

The New Jersey radio show The Loud Idiots interviewed Karlos Borloff and the Lizard Man from Monster Madhouse on their December 11, 2008 program.

Click play to listen:

Right click here to download: The Loud Idiots 12/11/08

Friday Night Frights

Friday Night Frights is a horror movie show that had no host. It started in 1986 on Seattle's KSTW and ran until 1987.

Here is the intro and commercial bumpers from Friday Night Frights:

Saturday Night Dead

Saturday Night Dead ran from 1984 - 1990 on KYW-TV Channel 3 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was hosted by Stella, who was joined by other characters including Skeeves the Butler, Cousin Mel, Davish, and Dr. Schuylkill.

Here is the opening of Saturday Night Dead from 1987:

The Midnight Shadow Show

Professor Anton Griffin started hosting The Midnight Shadow Show in Texas in 1999. The Professor is joined in his freakish sideshow by his assistants Dan-Dan and Usher.
Professor Griffin is a prolific writer as well, having written a book and regularly writing for Scary Monsters Magazine and Count Gore's website.
Here are the hosting segments from the May 9, 2003 episode, featuring the movie That Little Monster:

Here is a hightlight video of clips from The Midnight Shadow Show:

Visit his website here: The Midnight Shadow Show

Count Floyd Record

Count Floyd, the SCTV horror host spoof played by Joe Flaherty, released a record album called Count Floyd in 1982.
The tracks on the album are:
1. The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie
2. Treat You Like a Lady
3. Reggae Christmas Eve in Transylvania
4. Count Floyd Is Back

Download it HERE or HERE courtesy of Dr. Forrest's Cheeze Factory.

American Scary

The documentary American Scary was made in 2006 by John E. Hudgens and Sandy Clark. It chronicles the birth of horror hosting on small local stations in the 1950s and brings it through to the present day where the hosts find homes on cable access and the internet.

American Scary is filled with interviews with numerous horror hosts, famous fans, and supporters of the genre. Also shown in the film are clips of the hosts doing what they do best, including some rare early footage.
Here is the first trailer for American Scary:

Here is the second trailer for American Scary:

Visit their website at:

Nightmare Trading Cards

In 1991, Kilian Enterprises produced a trading card set based on the revived edition of the Nightmare show featuring The Host and Rodney on KSAS FOX Channel 24. The set included 25 cards and a extra card that could be sent in with $3.00 and a self addressed stamped envelope for two bonus cards that were signed by The Host and Rodney.

All the cards featured pictures from the new edition of the show and included detailed facts on the back of most, with puzzle pieces making up the rest.

Forrest J. Ackerman

Forrest J. Ackerman was the creator of Famous Monster of Filmland magazine. In it he introduced millions to horror and sc-fi movies as well as horror hosts. Horror hosts like Zacherley and M.T. Graves were featured on the cover and inside many issues of the magazine.
Forry passed away on December 4, 2008.

Here is The Ghoul meeting Forry at the first Ghoulardifest in 1997:

Here is Forry in a montage from The Son of Ghoul Show:

Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong

Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong is a documentary about California's horror host show Creature Features. Originally hosted by Bob Wilkins and then John Stanley, Creature Features has a long history in the entertainment and the television world. All of this is presented in the film, along with old clips from the show and all new interviews.

It is currently being screened in select theaters and will eventually make it's way to DVD. To find out more information on the film and where it is being screened, go to their website at: Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong

Here is a trailer for the documentary:

The Midnight Massacre Theatre

Las Vegas, Nevada horror host The Sinister Minister is featured in the show The Midnight Massacre Theatre. The show started in 2003 and is seen in many areas of the U.S.

The Sinister Minister is joined by his Altargirls, Lucretia and Succubus, in presenting a movie. They sit in their lair and with a shock of lighting interrupt the movie to give their commentary and humorous comments about what is being shown.

Click play to see a full episode of The Midnight Massacre Theatre featuring the movie Blood Spattered Bride:

Visit The Midnight Massacre Theatre site at:

Zacherley Trading Cards

In 2004, a Zacherley trading card set was released. Called Zacherle The Cool Ghoul, it contained ten cards. The backs of the cards are puzzle pieces that, when put together, form an all new Zacherley drawing. In addition, a special, limited edition of 100, autographed card was available at the card maker's table at the Chiller Theatre convention.

Here is a card of Zacherle as Roland, from his Philadelphia days:
Here is a card of John Zacherle out of his makeup and suit:

Click here to go to a site where you can order the set:

Midway of Madness

The Magnificent Madame Mortem's Midway of Madness started in July 2003. It features the gypsy fortune teller Madame Mortem and her pet bird, Quoths the Raven, hosting horror movies. The show can be seen randomly in different areas, courtesy of the Horror Host Underground.

Watch a trailer for her show here: