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Bestoink Dooley Button

Here is a button from the Bestoink Dooley fan club:

After Dark with Raven

From Easthampton, Massachusetts comes After Dark with Raven. Starring Raven, the Diva of the Diabolical, the show presents horror movies while dispensing facts about the movie, along with some corny jokes.

Each episode features skits that tie into the theme of the film being shown during breaks in the movie. Usually each segment features a part of sit-com style situation that resolves itself at the end, sometimes during the end credits.

Although the show is no longer being made, many of the episodes, without the movie, can be seen online.
Here is a promo for the show's second season:

This is all the segments from when Raven hosted I Bury the Living:
You can visit her MySpace page here:

Saturday Fright Special

Saturday Fright Special, New Hampshire's first horror host show, started in 2006 and is presented by Scarewolf. The show features a different horror movie each episode, as well as trailers, vintage commercials, newsreels, old PSAs, and drive-in spots.
Scarewolf is sometimes joined in skits by other characters, including Santoro the Honduran Grappler, Tae Kwon Dunk, and Morbia, who is the hostess of Deadly Domestic Diva.
Here is episode #050 featuring the movie Dr. Blood's Coffin:

Check out their website at :

Creature Feature Radio

Count Gore De Vol hosts a radio show on Cult Radio A-Go-Go called Creature Feature Radio. Each episode features the Count interviewing celebrities, guest reviews of movies, and information about items of interest in the horror genre.
To download past shows, go the Count's archive here:
Creature Feature Radio Archive

To listen to new shows, check for air times.

Zacherley's Midnite Terrors

Zacherley's Midnite Terrors was a three issue comic book series that started in 2004. Published by Chanting Monk Studios, the comics were horror anthologies in the Tales From The Crypt vein, with Zacherley hosting them.

Issue #1 : Back cover of issue # 1 :
Issue # 2 :
Issue # 3 :
Interior art from issue # 3 :
Cover for the unpublished issue # 4 :
Here is a trailer for the comic series:

Nightmare with The Host

Here are a couple of clips of The Host from the Kansas based show Nightmare.
Segments of The Host presenting The Beast from the Beginning of Time:

A commercial for the Old Town Haunted House:

Morgus Mardi Gras Doubloon

In 1968, during Mardi Gras in his hometown of New Orleans, Morgus the Magnificent doubloons were given out during the annual parade. They were made in gold, silver, and bronze colors.


The Ghoul Soundtrack Compilation

The Ghoul Soundtrack Compilation is group of songs and sound clips that were played on The Ghoul Show. Some of the music is the same as Ghoulardi played on his show, like Papa Oom Mow Mow by The Rivingtons.
Download it below, courtesy of the Universal Horror Sounds blog: The Ghoul Soundtrack Compilation

The Basement Sublet of Horror

The Basement Sublet of Horror has a twist on a standard horror host show. Gunther Dedmund hosts shortened, edited version of horror movies. Set in Gunther's basement apartment, he chops down the films to combat his "Shortfilxia" disorder. The films are reworked with footage from other movies, educational shorts, cartoons, and other clips. Broadcasting out of Kansas, the show started on June 13, 2006.

Here is a clip from Episode #111, The Brain That Wouldn't Die:

Click here to see the full Episode #123:
The Strange Fixations of the Basement Sublet of Horror

Visit the The Basement Sublet of Horror website:

Shock-It-To-Me Theater

Shock-It-To-Me Theater was hosted by Asmodeus in San Francisco from 1968-71 on KEMO-TV 20 in San Francisco. Dressed in a tuxedo and sunglasses, he hosted horror movies from Castle Black.

Here is a rare clip of Asmodeus from 1969:

This is a Christmastime clip from Asmodeus:

Cryptique New Episodes Preview

Cryptique with Miko Macabre will be returning with new episodes in October 2008.
Here is a preview:

There is a new website for the show:


Kansas horror host show Nightmare featured The Host and Rodney as the presenters of horror movies in the 1950s-70s, with a short revival in the 1990s.

Here is some of the little remaining footage of the show:

Ghoul A Go-Go Volume 1 DVD

The DVD of the first three episodes of the Ghoul A Go-Go show is put out by Something Weird Video. Called Ghoul A Go-Go Volume 1, the DVD features the Boogeyman, Mummies, and Spiders episodes.

Featuring many clips based on the episode's topics, the shows also have educational films. Mixed in are skits with Vlad, Creighton, and the Invisible Man, Creighton and the kiddies dancing to whatever The Wheel Of Dance lands on, and Hickleberry's commercials.

Live performances in all three episodes are provided by Jonny Chan and the New Dynasty Six, who also recorded the Ghoul A Go-Go theme song.

Although there is no menu on the disc and the episodes play right after one another, there are some extras after the end of the third show. The extras are another dance with Creighton and the kiddies, an additional performance by Jonny Chan and the New Dynasty Six, and the full skeleton animation from the end credits without the credits over them.

You can order it from Ghoul A Go-Go here: Mart O…


Sci-Fright! was broadcast on the SCI-FI Channel in the United Kingdom from 1999-2003. Premiering on August 27, 1999, the Friday night show was hosted by Nina, who introduced the movies and performed skits in between commercial breaks on each double feature episode.
Nina was played by three women during the show's run. First was Nina Hagen (1999), then Indira Varma (2000), and finally Rachel Grant (2001-2003). In 2002, Nina starred in her own comic strip in the 2000AD Jude Dredd Megazine called The Nina Diaries.

Here is a clip of the first Nina, Nina Hagen:

Below is a set of commercials from October 1999 from the SCI-FI Channel. At about 1:30 into the clips there is a commercial for Sci-Fright! with Nina Hagen.

Here are some highlights of the last Nina, Rachel Grant:

To see more clips of Nina, as played by Rachel Grant, go to this site:
Sci-Fright! Clips

The Creeping Cruds - All Hail the Horror Host

On the CD The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living And Became... , The Creeping Cruds paid tribute to horror hosts with the song All Hail the Horror Host. Recorded in 2005, the CD has an introduction by horror host Dr. Gangrene.
To listen to Dr. Gangrene's introduction click here: IntroTo listen to All Hail the Horror Host click here: All Hail the Horror Host

The Bone Jangler

Chicago based horror host The Bone Jangler has been making his self titled show since 2001. Set in some underworld and filmed in a sickly green color, Bone Daddy, as he is sometimes referred to, and the Queen of the Coven, Nocturna, show old horror movies, while being joined by a varying amount of beautiful women from his coven.
Each episode features replacement music and sound effects during the movie for either comic effect or to make the movie more bearable to sit through. Those additions, plus the vintage commercials during breaks in the movie make the show fun to watch.

The Bone Jangler and his guests also provide recaps of what is going on in the movie as well as background information on the movie and actors.

Filled with adult themes, humor, and language, which is bleeped, it is definitely not a kiddie show, but Bone Daddy makes everything fun, sexy, and comes across as the smoothest pimp in the underworld.
You can see The Bone Jangler and Nocturna in this clip from The World of t…

Monster Madhouse Theme Song

The theme song to Monster Madhouse is performed by Karlos Borloff and the Monsterminators.
You can download it from the Monster Madhouse MySpace page:

Horror Incorporated

Horror Incorporated was a horror movie show without a host that aired in Minneapolis, Minnesota on KSTP-TV, Channel 5 in the early 1970s on Saturday nights. Jim Wise did the opening and closing narration. The person in the coffin was floor director Warner Smithers. Forrest Stanford ran the fog machine.
Each episode would open with these words:
Lurking among the corpses are the body-snatchers, plotting their next venture into the graveyard....the blood in your veins will run cold, your spine will tingle when you join us for an excursion through Horror Incorporated!

Here is the opening of Horror Incorporated :

Here is the closing of Horror Incorporated :

Jeepers Ceepers Songs

Bob Guy, who played Jeepers Creepers on Jeepers Creepers Theater, recorded two Jeepers songs with Frank Zappa. They were called Dear Jeepers and Letter from Jeepers.

Click below listen to a sample of a song:
Dear Jeepers
Letter from Jeepers

Click HERE to go to a site where you can hear the full versions of the songs.

For downloadable version, sign up for an account at the site below and they will give you credit for two songs. Both Jeepers songs are available there.