The Bone Jangler

Chicago based horror host The Bone Jangler has been making his self titled show since 2001. Set in some underworld and filmed in a sickly green color, Bone Daddy, as he is sometimes referred to, and the Queen of the Coven, Nocturna, show old horror movies, while being joined by a varying amount of beautiful women from his coven.
Each episode features replacement music and sound effects during the movie for either comic effect or to make the movie more bearable to sit through. Those additions, plus the vintage commercials during breaks in the movie make the show fun to watch.

The Bone Jangler and his guests also provide recaps of what is going on in the movie as well as background information on the movie and actors.

Filled with adult themes, humor, and language, which is bleeped, it is definitely not a kiddie show, but Bone Daddy makes everything fun, sexy, and comes across as the smoothest pimp in the underworld.
You can see The Bone Jangler and Nocturna in this clip from The World of the Weird Monster Show:

Check out his website:


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