Dr. Cadaverino

Dr. Cadaverino hosted Nightmare Theatre and Nightmare Theater on WITI Channel 6 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1964 to 1977.

Watch a clip of his show from March 23, 1974 here:


Scott-Nic said…
I was a kid growing up south of Milwaukee in Kenosha Wisconsin during the years Dr. Cadaverino was on the air. Never missed his show on Saturday nights if I could help it. He used to open letters and packages sent to him by viewers on his show, and I was beside myself (10 or 11 years old?) the night he opened my package on the air... a can of flea spray (for his itchy beard) that I packed inside an empty Quaker Oats container with my letter. He read my note about the flea spray and said "HA! Very funny!" and threw the can off the set. I woke my Mom, jumping around in front of the TV and howling. It was completely stupid and the best night of my life ... so far.
Anonymous said…
How can I obtain a copy of the playlist for the Nightmare Theatre movies?
Anonymous said…
Cadaverino was hilarious, grew up enjoying his crazy antics!
Mike Mikulovsky said…
Awesome! I loved this guy. Along with Albert the Alley cat & all his other puppets as a kid. Is there any way I can get a copy of this video. Or hopefully any other footage you may have of Nightmare Theater & Albert the Alley cat etc? Thank you so much for posting this video.
Best, Mike
Chuck said…
Trying to find an archive of one of his shows when he was running a beauty contest and had an eleven year old on as one of the contestants. She was my best friends daughter. Would love to have her see it now that she has 3 grown children herself. How would I obtain this?
John R Denton said…
I remember hoping that this channel would come in on Saturday night. Because we lived in Grand Rapids mi. It was great.

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