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The World of the Weird Monster Show - 2009 Halloween Special

Episode 65 of The World of the Weird Monster Show is their 2009 Halloween special, where Undead Johnny and Romy present a 1970's anime version of Dracula.

Watch the hosting segments here:

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Bloodshot Theatre - Hellbent for Halloween

Bloodshot Theatre's 2009 Halloween special, called Hellbent for Halloween, is hosted by E. Spanto and features clips from the Halloween movies.

Watch the show here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Meet Cleaver Theatre - Halloween 2009

In episode 141 of Meet Cleaver Theatre Sub Atomic Butch R. Cleaver celebrates Halloween with a showing of the trailers from the first three Sleepaway Camp movies.

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Shrieking Double Features

Shrieking Double Features is a new horror host show starring Uncle Gomez and his daughter Abby. The premiere episode will air Halloween night on Cult Radio A-Go-Go.

Watch the promos for the show here:

Bloodshot Theatre Animated - The Halloween That Almost Was'nt

In the Bloodshot Theatre Animated episode called The Halloween That Almost Was'nt, J.R Ghul and the Werewolf try to save Halloween from the diabolical plans of Ghostface.

Watch the show here:

Helena's Halloween Blues

Helena is stuck babysitting Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace on Halloween night while Marguerite whoops it up at Mr. Krueger's costume party in the latest episode of Helena, Hussy of Horror. On top of that, she is also being bugged by her ex-boyfriend, Michael, because of the anniversary of their first date.

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Tales From The Other Side - Episode 8

The eighth episode of Tales From The Other Side is a special Halloween show that joins together five different horror movies into one film that is less than an hour long. They have entitled it Night of the Last Carnival on Earth (aka: Yucca! There's a Gila in My Soup!).

Watch a trailer for it here:

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Monster Madhouse Store

Monster Madhouse has just opened their online store, the MonStore, where they are selling DVDs, T-Shirts, and CDs of music from the Monsterminators.

Watch a commercial for their new shop here:

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Shilling Shockers - Unusual Suspects

In episode 4 of season 7 of Shilling Shockers Penny Dreadful and Garou host the movie The Bat while attempting to deduce the identity of the thief who stole Penny's elixir of youth. As Penny gets close to the truth, she comes to realize that she is dealing with deadly forces.

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Count Macabre Song

Count Macabre was a horror host on WBRZ-TV, Channel 2 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the 1960s. Alongside a skull named Erik, he hosted movies on a self titled show and later had a talk show entitled The Wednesday Show.

During his time on TV, a band called Connoissurs made a 45 RPM record called Count Macabre in tribute to him.

Listen to the song below, or right click here to download:Count Macabre

Alternative Realities - Mesa of Lost Women

Dr. Sigmund Zoid shows the movie Mesa of Lost Women and furthers his discovery of the internet in Alternative Realities episode six.

Watch the full show with the movie below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Screaming Horror Theater - Episode 11

The 11th episode of Screaming Horror Theater, from December 2008, had The Host presenting the movie Wasp Woman.

Watch the full show with the movie here:

Helena Trick or Treats Count Gore De Vol

After doing her Halloween shopping in her last episode, Helena starts her Trick or Treating early by visiting one of her fellow horror hosts, Count Gore De Vol.

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Marlena Midnite & Robyn Graves Horror Host Graveyard Promo

Marlena Midnite and Robyn Graves from Midnite Mausoleum recorded a promotional spot for the Horror Host Graveyard.

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Shilling Shockers - Dust to Dust

In the third episode of season seven of Shilling Shockers Penny Dreadful has transformed into a withered hag, having aged dangerously close to the point of death. With Garou's help, she must now summon a living mummy in order to acquire the final ingredient for her elixir of youth. If that is not enough, Penny also presents the movie The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals.

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Turn Blue: The Short Life of Ghoulardi

On October 27, 2009, at 9:00 PM, Cleveland's Western Reserve Public Television will show the feature length documentary Turn Blue: The Short Life of Ghoulardi. The movie tells the full story of Ghoulardi and his creator Ernie Anderson.

Watch a clip of the film here:

The Last Doorway Show Visits Creepy KOFY Movie Time

Miss Misery from The Last Doorway Show was a guest on Creepy KOFY Movie Time where she was interviewed by No Name and Balrock. She used the opportunity to film a piece for her program featuring behind the scenes footage of the show.

Watch Miss Misery's KOFY edition of her show here:

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Ormon Grimsby - Halloween Correspondent

Monster Creature Feature host Ormon Grimsby is North Carolina's NBC17's Halloween Correspondent. He will be reporting on Halloween happenings in the area on TV and on their website

Watch Ormon's first report here:

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Helena's Halloween Shopping Trip

Helena got invited to a Halloween party and needs to shop for a costume, so she visits her local Spirit Halloween store in this episode of Helena Hussy of Horror.

Watch her do her macabre purchasing in the video here:

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The Zombie Cheerleader Buries Edgar Allan Poe...again

Sally the Zombie Cheerleader visited Baltimore, Maryland on October 11, 2009 for the reenactment of the burial of Edgar Allan Poe.

Watch her video report here:

Monster Madhouse at Horrorfind

Karlos Borloff, Lizard Man, and Sasha from Monster Madhouse recently visited the 2009 Horrorfind convention.

Here is a video of their adventures at the convention:

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Shilling Shockers - Blood Relations

In the second episode of season seven Shilling Shockers presents the movie Crypt of the Living Dead.

Here is the synopsis of the episode:
Without her Sinister Elixir (see Season 7, Episode 1), Penny Dreadful continues to age towards her true 700 years. Having acquired the eye of a ghoul, Penny is now after the second ingredient to recreate her elixir of youth -- the blood of a vampire. She attempts to revive Rhode Island's famous 19th century vampire, Mercy Brown. Things, of course, go terribly wrong and Penny must enlist the help of vampire hunter Dr. Manfred Von Bulow.

See a clip of the show here:

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The World of the Weird Monster Show - Operation Geek Fantasy Hour.

In the first episode of season six of The World of the Weird Monster Show, Undead Johnny, Romy, and Boris sneak into the headquarters of Channel 666's highest rated show, The Geek Fantasy Hour. The creators of The Geek Fantasy Hour, The Bone Jangler and Nocturna, are fully aware of the situation and leave the group to their inevitable fate.

Watch the hosting segments of the show here;

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Svengoolie Radio Interview

On October 6, 2009, Rich Koz, who plays Svengoolie, was interviewed on the WGN 720 radio station.

Listen to parts of the interview here:

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Virginia Creepers - Director Interview

Virginia Creepers, the documentary about Virginia area horror hosts, comes out on DVD this month. The movie and the director, Sean Kotz, is making the rounds promoting the release. He was interviewed recently by WDBJ7 TV.

Watch the interview here:

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Helena Hussy of Horror - Pet Sematary

Helena celebrates National Pet Wellness Month by introducing us to some of her furry friends and showing clips from Pet Sematary in this new edition of Helena Hussy of Horror.

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Screaming Horror Theater - Episode 15

Vengeance, the 15th episode of Screaming Horror Theater, is also the last show of the third season of the program. In it, somebody is killing off the cast one by one, Remmy decides to taunt the flu, and Ashley fills in for the Host while he is trying to find a place to dispose of the ever growing pile of trash.

Here is teaser for episode 15:

Watch part 1 of the hosting segments here:

Watch part 2 of the hosting segments here:

See a 3D behind the scenes clip here (use Red(left) & Blue(right) 3D glasses):

Midnite Mausoleum - King of the Zombies

In episode 14 of Midnite Mausoleum, Marlena Midnite is joined by Wolfred, Franklin, Robyn, Grimms, and Bones as they present the movie King of the Zombies.

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Shilling Shockers - Sinister Elixir

Sinister Elixir is the title of the first episode of season seven of Shilling Shockers. In it, Penny Dreadful returns to her attic lair after a season of communing with spirits in the dark forests of New England. As her hair turns gray and wrinkles form upon her brow, the 700 year-old witch admits that she must drink a dark elixir once per year in order to retain her youth. Unfortunately, Penny discovers that her magic elixir has been stolen, and she must begin a race against time to recreate the concoction. In addition, Penny presents the movie The Ghoul.

Watch a preview of it here:

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The Zombie Cheerleader Returns

Sally the Zombie Cheerleader, who used to roam Monster Madhouse, will soon be returning with her own hosting show.

Watch a trailer for it here:

Virginia Creepers - Highlights

Here is a highlight reel of some of the hosts profiled in the upcoming documentary Virginia Creepers.

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