Sci-Fright! was broadcast on the SCI-FI Channel in the United Kingdom from 1999-2003. Premiering on August 27, 1999, the Friday night show was hosted by Nina, who introduced the movies and performed skits in between commercial breaks on each double feature episode.
Nina was played by three women during the show's run. First was Nina Hagen (1999), then Indira Varma (2000), and finally Rachel Grant (2001-2003). In 2002, Nina starred in her own comic strip in the 2000AD Jude Dredd Megazine called The Nina Diaries.

Here is a clip of the first Nina, Nina Hagen:

Below is a set of commercials from October 1999 from the SCI-FI Channel. At about 1:30 into the clips there is a commercial for Sci-Fright! with Nina Hagen.

Here are some highlights of the last Nina, Rachel Grant:

To see more clips of Nina, as played by Rachel Grant, go to this site:
Sci-Fright! Clips


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