Shock-It-To-Me Theater

Shock-It-To-Me Theater was hosted by Asmodeus in San Francisco from 1968-71 on KEMO-TV 20 in San Francisco. Dressed in a tuxedo and sunglasses, he hosted horror movies from Castle Black.

Here is a rare clip of Asmodeus from 1969:

This is a Christmastime clip from Asmodeus:


Unknown said…
This show competed with Creature Features and, although it had a low budget and didnt tape it's episodes, was superior to my young eyes. The host was scary (to me) as Bob Wilkins of Creature features was more grown up in his approach. And Shock (it to me) theater had two movies, not one. I was quite distressed when it was canceled, I'd cut my teeth on horror as a horror "virgin" at age 9.
I was comforted, if begrudgingly at first, by the workings of Creature Features and came to appreciate Bob Wilkins as I aged and there was no other choice. LOL
Nothing today compares to the classic age of horror shows, though I do like Svengoolie on ME TV very much and Wolf Man Mac (findable on YouTube) has a good thing going, as well. Elvira needs no witness extolling her "features." ;)
I was a latch key kid, dad gone in his trucking job all the time and mom working nights as a nurse so I sat as a nine-ten year old kid, watching all the classics (directly against the admonishments of my mother) in a big old empty house, scared out of my witts and wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

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