HorrorHound Weekend Vampira Tribute

The list of hosts that are attending the Vampira tribute at the Indianapolis HorrorHound Weekend keeps growing. Many of the hosts are working up the interest for the March 26-28, 2010 weekend by producing promotional spots for the event. To see a list of all the hosts that will be at the convention, visit the website: vampiratribute.com.

Watch some of the promos here:

Uncle Roy Hoggins:

Freakshow and Vivacious Vivian:


Marlena Midnight and Robin Graves:

Ms. Monster:

Count Gore De Vol:

Gunther Dedmund:

Dr. Sigmund Zoid:

The Cool Ghoul:

Count Gregula:


Ormsby said…
Those promos are really cool. Makes me sad I can't get off from work to go. If anyone deserves to have a tribute it's Vampira. It looks like this event is going to be a scream.

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