Sir Cecil Creape

Sir Cecil Creape hosted Creature Feature in Nashville, Tennessee in the 1970s and 1980s.

Here is a clip of his Halloween episode from 1971:


Wayne said…
I lived in Manchester TN from 1970-75 and found Sir Cecil Creape when I was in Jr. High. LOVED this guy. He always had bad movies on and we'd watch all the way through to see what he'd come up with next. Those days are long gone and they just don't make them like this any more.
AzKittyKats said…
I was born APril 1960 and started watching Sir Cecil Creape/Creepe as soon as it came on. I was always a horror film fan and I remember talking to my BFF back then and watching it. We all just LOVED him. Wish he could have lived on forever. I can only find that he died in Jan 1994 on the IMDB. I have shown clips from youtube of Cecil from "Creature Feature" to my husband and he adores them (hubby is originally from MA so didn't grow up with this show). Wish there were more of them to be found online... entire episodes. Those were the good ole days, huh?

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