Count Gore De Vol 10th Anniversary

On July 11, 2008 the horror host community celebrated Count Gore De Vol's 10th anniversary of broadcasting on the internet. They did this by giving him an old fashioned roast. Led by Dr. Sarcofiguy the roasters included Ormon Grimsby, Karlos Borloff, Jebediah Buzzard, A. Ghastlee Ghoul, Halloween Jack, Terry and Tiffany Dufoe, Dr. Zombie, and many others.
Here is a preview trailer for the special:

Here is Count Gore's intro to the special:

Watch part 1 of the special here:

Watch part 2 of the special here:

Here is a contribution from The Dark Vault of Public Domain that did not make it into the final program:

See Count Gore's Weekly Web Program at:


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