Midnight Monster Hop

Midnight Monster Hop started in October of 2006 and airs in Pennsylvania and West Virgina. The show is hosted by Gravely MacaCabre and Grizelda MacCabre along with the other denizens of Castle Blood, including Skully MacCabre, Deliria, Professor M. Scrye, Whiplash, and Uncle Vladimere. They all participate in skits and Hee-Haw-like quick jokes during breaks in the movie.

The cast also run and appear in a Halloween haunted attraction every year called Castle Blood.

You can watch a full episode, without the movie here: Midnight Monster Hop

Here is the opening of the show:

Some segments from the show:

Watch a commercial for Midnight Monster Hop:

See what is hopping at: http://www.midnightmonsterhop.com/


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