The Horror Host Underground Presents The Giant Gila Monster

A special horror host show is making the rounds of various TV channels called The Horror Host Underground Presents The Giant Gila Monster. The show, brought together by The Bone Jangler, features many hosts hosting the movie The Giant Gila Monster and interacting with the film. Also included are skits and a music video, as well as an interview with the star, Don Sullivan.

The show is a great way to see how different hosts from around the country tackle the same movie. The hosts that appear are A Ghastlee Ghoul, The Bone Jangler, The Dark Vault of Public Domain, Dr. Dreck, Dr. Pureblood, Garou, Halloween Jack, Karlos Borloff, Lon Madnight, Moaner the Zombie Cheerleader, Nocturna, Ormon Grimsby, Penny Dreadful, Remo D's Manor of Mayhem, The Sinister Minister, and Undead Johnny.

Watch the full show for a limited time, courtesy of Dr. Pureblood:

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