Creature Feature The Legacy Series DVDs

Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature The Legacy Series DVDs are a great overview of his many years of being a horror host. Each volume is full of just clips from his old shows and commercials, all with new linking material by the Count. During the course of the clips, you will see some interviews with celebrities and parodies of then current TV shows and movies.

Count Gore gives background information of what was going on in the show and the world at the time the segments aired, to help the viewer understand the skits better. His stories are very enjoyable and make the discs even more entertaining, They also provide a little peek inside the making of his show.

We are fortunate that the Count has saved so many hours of his shows, when some hosts do not have even one example of their work remaining. The four DVDs show the changes and the progress of Gore's hosting career and makes a good primer for his current Weekly Web Program.

You can order them from his website store here:


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