The Late Dr. Lady Show DVD

Ohio's Dr. Lady & Laura Lady released a DVD of the best parts of their show The Late Dr. Lady Show. Called The Late Dr. Lady Show Volume 1: The Presequel, it is filled with great sketches with all sorts of monsters and sci-fi & horror jokes. The sketches come and go quickly, like a macabre version of Laugh-In or MADtv. Different characters join Dr. Lady in various rooms in the Horror Hotel and sometimes help him with his experiments.
They have included a couple of things just for DVD that are just as funny as the rest of the disc. The best part of the DVD is that lots of Dr. Lady's collection of masks, props, and sets are on display in every scene. If you want to sit back and enjoy a live action version of a 1001 Monster Jokes book, then this is the DVD for you.

If you are looking for full episodes of The Late Dr. Lady Show on DVD, they are occasionally offered for sale on Dr. Lady's eBay store at:

You can order the DVD or find out more about the show from their site:


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