Dr. Morgus Hearse-ry Rhymes

New Orleans horror host Dr. Morgus released a CD called Hearse-ry Rhymes. It contains Morgus reciting ghoulish poems with spooky background music. The poems are full of puns and morbid imagery. Many of the lines invoke smiles as you listen to Morgus enjoying the stories of werewolves, vampires, and other monstrous creatures.

One of the poems is a reading of the song Morgus recorded with the Deringers called Werewolf. Here though, it is spoken and not sung. The last track on the CD is full of sound effects like the old LPs that used to be offered in the backs of monster magazines.

Hearse-ry Rhymes is a fun CD to listen to at night with the lights out and gives the feeling of listening to an old radio show or a grandfather reading you some twisted nursery rhymes.

If you order the CD through Morgus' website, you will also receive a personalized, signed note from Morgus the Magnificent himself.

To order or listen to a sample, go to the website here:


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