The Ladies Of The Horror Host Underground Present... Lady Frankenstein

The Ladies Of The Horror Host Underground Present... is a horror host special put together by The Bone Jangler for The Horror Host Underground that features a showing of Lady Frankenstein with all new clips of the females that are featured in various horror hosts programs. The special is dedicated to the late Maila Nurmi, better known as Vampira.

It has appearances by ladies from The World of the Weird Monster Show, Monster Madhouse, The Late Dr. Lady Show, Midnight Monster Hop, The Bone Jangler's Coven, and others.

Each break in the movie has someone different showing up, some just introducing themselves and others doing a skit or giving information about the movie. Halfway through the movie major spoilers are given by Laura Lady in her segment. There are also musical interludes performed by Moaner the Zombie Cheerleader, Penny Dreadful & Luna, and Nocturna.

A cooking demonstration about dark food is provided by Beverly - The Gothic Gourmet.

The Ladies Of The Horror Host Underground Present... gives glimpses of some of the lovely characters many host shows have in them wrapped around a decent horror movie. Hopefully we will see more specials like this or a sequel to this one.


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