Tarantula Ghoul Record

House of Horror host Tarantula Ghoul was on TV in the Portland, Oregon area from 1957-58. As Tarantula Ghoul and Her Gravediggers, she recorded a 45 RPM of the song Graveyard Rock with King Kong on the flipside during the same time period.

Click below listen to a song or right-click to download:
Graveyard Rock
King Kong


Uncle Eerie said…
Wondering if this is public domain or not - if anyone knows anything, please lemme know!
Michael Petty said…
Interesting question. I am Tarantula Ghoul's son (Michael Petty) and I have been wondering the same thing myself for years when I discovered there were two songs out.

I believe that copyrights on music are 50 years. So my guess is that they are public domain.
Corpse S. Chris said…

Glad you found the site. Please email me, I'd like to hear if you have any footage, pics, or memorabilia of her.
Bata said…
Hello, I'm looking for this 45RPM since a long time... If somebody have any ideas to help me it would be really really nice !
Thanks in advance !
Unknown said…
Check out nortonrecords.com in the rockabilly section. It's only $10!

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