The World of the Weird Monster Show

The World of the Weird Monster Show is set in the studios of Channel 666 in the town of Visera where Undead Johnny and the vampire Dementia host a horror film show. Johnny's show is a talk show which features various strange guests in every weeks episode. Some of the guests are played by regulars such as Holly and Salome Suicide, who also join in the movie and TV spoofs included in the show.

Aired in the Chicago area for the last few years, it comes across as a warped version of SCTV with horror films mixed in. They recently made a change to go to a shorter format sketch show called The Channel 666 Primetime Movie, set on the channel that "airs" Johnny's show. Both shows are still being made with them rotating in the schedule.

With a variety of scantily clad ladies and bold chances taken in the comedy, the show is very entertaining to watch. Every episode has something different in it and the wild sense of humor and the reoccurring characters make it a show that needs to be watched all the time to see what they are up to.

Here is one of their latest episodes from their 5th season, without the movie.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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