The Basement Sublet of Horror: The Horror Host Special

Episode 117 of The Basement Sublet of Horror is The Horror Host Special. It features the story of how The Basement Sublet of Horror came to be, including many rare clips, behind the scenes footage, and bloopers. Also presented are interviews with the creator and other cast and crew members.

The remaining parts of the show have interviews with other Kansas horror hosts. A current interview with Crematia Mortem delves into the background of her show and she reveals some fun stories and anecdotes.

A vintage 1986 interview with Tom Leahy, who played The Host with Rodney on Nightmare, includes rare footage of him during the show's run.

This is a great show with a lot of background information on all the hosts and first-hand stories that give a good idea of what the shows were like to create.

Here is some of the Crematia Mortem interview from the special:


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