Super Scary Saturday

Al Lewis revived his Grandpa character from The Munsters as a horror host on Super Scary Saturday. It ran from 1987 - 1989 on cable station TBS.

Here's a commercial for the show:

Here is Grandpa presenting The Mummy:

Here is Grandpa presenting Godzilla's Revenge:


Unknown said…
Thanks for this pictorial of TBS Super Scary Saturday. I was the executive producer and head writer for the show and I consider it to be the highlight of my 10 years as a TBS executive. The second frame of Al squeezing liquid into a cauldron had me laughing as I remembered the associated content. Grandpa was mixing up a concoction to be "The Perfect Man" at a cocktail party with his deceased wife, Emma Balming. In this frame he is attempting to add strength to the formula by squeezing out a pair of WCW Champion Ric Flair's wrestling tights! Thanks for the memories!

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