Zomboo's House of Horror Movies

Zomboo's House of Horror Movies started out as a show called Frank's House of Horror Movies in Reno, Nevada in 1999. Zomboo originally appeared only occasionally but after a year he took over the show fully and they changed the name. It will soon be entering it's 10th year on the air.

The show has the feel of the old Soupy Sales show, with lots of visual gags and jokes that can be funny on more than one level. Also, Zomboo jumps into the movies often and they are enhanced by audio and visual gags. Zomboo is joined on the show with characters such as Miss Transylvania, Werewolfie, Officer Not-so-Friendly, Bianca the Rack Girl, Quasi, Mini Z, and Nurse Feelgood, the Head Nurse.

Here is a trailer for the show:

Here is a clip from the show featuring Officer Not-so-Friendly:

Here is a commercial for a showing of Horror Express:

Visit Zomboo's website at: http://www.zomboo.com/


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