Ghoul A-Go-Go - Phantom Speaker

Ghoul A-Go-Go offers some CDs for sale to their fan club members. Two of them are Phantom Speaker Volume One and Phantom Speaker Volume Two. Volume One features songs from their first six episodes as well as some audio clips from their show. Also included are songs from Jonny Chan and The New Dynasty 6, including the full opening and closing Ghoul A-Go-Go theme songs. Volume Two contains songs from episodes seven to twelve and has the short version of the theme song that plays in between clips on the show.

To buy them you must be a member of the Ghoul A-Go-Go fan club. You can join and purchase the CDs here: Fan Club

Here is one of the songs from Volume One called Hey by Jonny Chan and The New Dynasty 6:

For more about Ghoul A-Go-Go visit their website at:


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