HEL on ICE the T.V. Show (The D.V.D.) Volume 1

HEL on ICE the T.V. Show (The D.V.D.) Volume 1 is a DVD that contains the first four episodes of Ms. Monster's HEL on ICE show. The bright red box also contains a mini HEL on ICE comic book, with a Ms. Monster adventure.

Each half hour episode is packed with trailers and clips of horror movies, animated shorts, and fun skits with Ms. Monster, Tit and Tat, and 2B. As you get into each episode, you don't know what will pop up next, with classic horror as well as splatter films equally represented. The animation varies from claymation to standard hand drawn, but all the subjects are things you don't usually see, all with a bizarre twist. Be sure to watch through the credits for some extra scenes.

You can purchase the DVD from Ms. Monster's Web Shop

Here is look behind the scenes of HEL on ICE from the DVD:

To learn more about Ms. Monster, go to her website at: http://msmonster.com/


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