HEL on ICE the T.V. Show - the D.V.D.: Number 2

HEL on ICE the T.V. Show - The D.V.D.: Number 2 is another collection of three episodes of Ms. Monster's Hel on Ice show. The episodes contain skits with Ms. Monster and Tit and Tat, edited down movies, trailers, cartoons, and live music footage. Also included in the bright yellow box is a HEL on ICE mini comic and a Ms. Monster postcard.
To purchase a copy, go to Ms. Monster's Web Shop and place an order for the Volume 1 DVD and request #2 in the PayPal notes. To purchase both volumes,send Ms. Monster a PayPal transfer of $26, shipping included, with a note that you want both DVDs. All orders come with a signed Ms. Monster photo and usually a special treat.

This is a clip from The Great Titini episode:

Here is a trailer for HEL on ICE from the DVD:

See more of Ms. Monster and HEL on ICE at: http://msmonster.com/


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