Every Other Day Is Halloween - Trailer

Every Other Day Is Halloween is the brand new documentary which chronicles the career and legacy of Dick Dyszel, whose television alter-egos, Count Gore De Vol, Captain 20 and Bozo the Clown helped raise and influence generations of Washingtonians.

It features interviews with Dick Dyszel, critic Arch Campbell, writer Steve Niles, filmmakers Jeff Krulik and Tim Davis, scream-queens Eleanor Herman and Leanna Chamish, hosts including Bob Hinton (A. Ghastlee Ghoul), John Dimes (Dr. Sarcofiguy), Jane Bredeson (Spooky Demensia) and Jerry Moore II (Karlos Borloff) and includes the music of Cletus, Adam Levowitz, The Monsterminators and Bobogolem.

Watch the full trailer here:

For more on the movie visit:http://everyotherdayishalloween.wordpress.com/


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