The John Stanley Scrapbook

The John Stanley Scrapbook was published in 2001 and is a good overview of the second host of California's Creature Features show. Included in the book is an autobiography of John with his life story and information about his career. There are also articles about John and Creature Features that were printed during his run on the show.

Insights into his books and his movie, Nightmare in Blood, are also provided by John, as well as his best and worst movie lists. Ample space is given over to behind the scenes stories about about Creature Features, with details of the mini-movies he made for the show.

The book is illustrated with many photos of guests and interviewees of John's, including Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy. The rest of the book is filled with old movie posters from films that influenced John and others that were a part of Creature Features, as well as press materials from the show.

The John Stanley Scrapbook is a excellent way to get a concentrated look at John Stanley and his years of hosting and beyond.

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