WHBQ-TV Promo Video With Sivad

Fantastic Features host Sivad stars in this 1964 promotional video for potential advertisers of Memphis, Tennessee television station WHBQ-TV channel 13.

Watch the video below:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Anonymous said…
yes those were the days my friend, I remember waiting the whole week for Sivad to come on TV, i would get a plate full of food, graham crackers, tuna fish, cheese, hersly chocolate, marsh mellows, bannas, and of course a coke, by the time time I finished it the movie was over with, and of course George Kliens Talent Party with the cuties, when that came on I was ready to go out for the night, wjen I got home Sivad was on. If you lived in Memphis Elvis was a must see, I ran across him 3 times in my life, he even bought mr popcorn, a coke, candy bar, and a hot dog one night when I was watch Speedway, at the Orpeum theater, my aunt dumped me off there while she ran off with a sailer, I told his body guard I saw the movie 3 times, and he brought me a arm full of food.Harry Hale had Boo Boo a Puppet that I loved. Those days of black and whit television will never happen again and, I'm glad I was part of it.

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