Late Night Fright Theater

Late Night Fright Theater was broadcast on KVIQ-TV Channel 6 on Saturday Nights in Eureka, California from September 18, 1982 to some time in 1985. The host for the show was Spookman Dan Tucker, who showed many classic horror movies during his run.

Watch some clips of the show here:


Unknown said…
Late Night Fright Theatre went off the air in August of 1985. I still have my VHS copy of that show taped off of KVIQ.
Unknown said…
My name is Jeff and when I was in the 7th grade or lets see, 13. I bumped into my local tv hero, Spook Man Dan!!! I jokinky asked if I could be on the show and to my suprise was invited to be on the show that following Saturday. Now to a 13 year old local kid I had pretty much just became royalty. I showed up on Saturday his technician who had known nothing about me being on the show. He let me in and took me to the set of the show. Well it got later and later Eventually he got a call and it was to let the tech know he was in jail. Nothing Major oyhdr tjan I was Majorly bummed.well me and my school buddy ended had one of the memories Iill alwas cherish. We burned a little weed right there where they filmed the local evening news, I was also introduced to Hershey white chocolate. Eell I'll save the rest of the story later. Spookman it is cool to find out you're still alive is awesome. Me and my sister were discussing "The lazy J ranch and she told me she was unable to locate You. Shes going to be stoked.
Jeff Truitt, aka Hippie said…
Humboldts spookiest.
Unknown said…
Hi Jeff, this Robert. It has been a long, long time! Those were good days on Kneeland and at Freshwater School. I run a facebook page called Humboldt County Horror Hosts. Check it out. I hope to hear from you!

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