Gorgon the Gruesome hosted Nightmare on KFJZ-TV, Channel 11 in Dallas, Texas. The show began in September of 1957 and ran until 1959 and returned for a short run in 1962. Also, KFJZ-TV unearthed Gorgon for Halloween specials in 1972 and 1976.

Bill Camfield, who played Gorgon, passed away in 1991.

Watch a clip of Nightmare here:

Visit Bill Camfield's site, which is run by his son, at:


Unknown said…
I watched this show when I was a kid. This was my first exposure to the Universal Horror movies of the 1930's and '40's.
Unknown said…
Always enjoy seeing Camfield get his due. KFJZ and Channel 11 were in Fort Worth, however,... NOT Dallas. Here in Fort Worth/ Dallas (i.e. the "Metroplex"), referring to anything in Fort Worth as being "in Dallas" is fightin' words, indeed!

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