Sivad Scrapbook

Sivad Scrapbook is a great new book that tells, though period newspaper articles, the story Watson Davis and his host creation, Sivad, who was on Fantastic Features in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1960's and 1970's.

Tom Foster has compiled dozens of articles and advertisements from the Watson's time managing a movie theater, through his time as Sivad, and until his death. With almost no other text other than what was published originally, the book as a whole give a good representation of the professional life and some of the personal life of this host.

Included in book are many ads for the movies that were featured on the Fantastic Features show and pictures of Sivad and some of the merchandise that was produced around Sivad.

The excellent presentation of the book extends to the box it is shipped in, covered with bats and Sivad logo. It continues inside as you find, packed in with the book, are some other Sivad paper goodies, like flyers, a reproduction of a fan club card, and a sticker. Once through all that you get to the beautiful over-sized cover and the pages of Sivad information.

The Sivad Scrapbook is a must have if you are interested in Sivad or just of horror hosts in that era. To buy a copy, go you their site at:

Watch a report by WDRTV reporter The Bullfrog about the book:


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