Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show

Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show is a new show that will premiere on May 16, 2010. It is hosted by Uncle Eerie Shiver, who has been doing live spook shows in Portland, Oregon, where the show will air on TVCTV.

See a commercial for the show here:

Watch a clip of Uncle Eerie below:

Here is a clip of one of Eerie's spook shows:


Ormsby said…
I've been following him on Myspace for a while. He looks so suave and creepy, a perfect host. I hope he posts the videos so those of us who don't live...in the Portland, Oregon area can enjoy the show.

By the way, in the last video you embedded I got freaked out by the dead girl's suit case resurrection.
Uncle Eerie said…
Thanks Ormsby! I appreciate anyone sharp enough to recognize my suave...ness. The feeling is mutual, of corpse!

And thanks to Corpse, ya ol' Son Of A Succubus!
Eerie needs to visit the Bay Area and hang out with Mr. Lobo, so we can see him!
Unknown said…
Mighty fine trailer, sir. I'd like to echo Ormsby's hope that the show will make it online. Ya got style.

Break a leg (doesn't have to be yours, though).

Dr. Robert Eldritch
Uncle Eerie said…
Thanks Doc! I appreciate it!

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