Atomic Age 2: Atomic Boogaloo

The Indiana based live spook show troop Atomic Age Cinema have released their second horror host DVD called Atomic Age 2: Atomic Boogaloo. In it, Baron Mardi, Woody The Clown, Basement Boy, Dr. Calamari, and Reverend Polypus host the movie The Undertaker and His Pals from their shack. While the film plays, they provide a running commentary track and in between, they celebrate Baron Mardi and Basement Boy's birthdays and Dr. Calamari decides to open a restaurant after being inspired by what they are watching.

You can buy a copy of the DVD, which includes a long blooper reel as a bonus feature, by sending an email to .

Watch a trailer for the DVD here:

See the opening to the show:

A clip of some of the bloopers:

Check out a big Woody at:


Anonymous said…
I’m desperately searching for any AAC DVD’s. The Crater Lake Monster was genius

Please contact me at if you have, or know where I can buy these episodes

A downloadable format would be ok too

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