Dr. ZingRR's Astral Projections

Dr. ZingRR's Astral Projections ran from 1972-1976 on KTVW-TV in the Seattle, Washington area. Dr. ZinGRR was joined by other characters, such as Masked Doily, The DreamMaker, Film Lore, and Count Lickula.

Robert O. Smith, who played Dr. ZinGRR, passed away on June 1, 2010 at the age of 67 from pancreatic and liver cancer.

See some of the only remaining footage from the show below:


Anonymous said…
Robert O' (Dr. ZingRR) Smith was a good friend of mine. We met back in 1971 when his wife and mine were good friends. The eyes in "Film Lorre New" were egg shells. I helped him blow almost a dozen eggs out to make those eyes. Some of his recordings have little snippets of me in the background. We made hours of tape recordings that made no sense at the time but made good sound effects.
Zachary Monroe said…
My old man!thanks for posting this

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