Horrible Horror

In 1986, Goodtimes Home Video released Horrible Horror, a made for video compilation of horror movie clips and trailers hosted by Zacherley. Zach was joined by his usual group of characters, such as Gasport, My Dear, and the Giant Amoeba, as he introduced the footage and performed experiments. For many, this tape was their first exposure to Zacherely and for fans of his older shows, it was a a welcome return of an old friend. Currently, this VHS has not been reissued on any other format.

See a couple of segments from the video, below:

For horrors of all kinds, visit: zacherley.com


Ormsby said…
I have this on VHS, one of my favorite videos of all time. I use to have a VHS player that could do continuous play (it would rewind the tape when it got to the end and automatically play it again) and I would leave it on for hours.

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