Zacherley 6 Foot Poster

In some of the early issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine in the 1960s, their mail order division, Captain Company, had a few Zacherley related items for sale. One of these was a life-sized poster of Zach, which measured 6 feet tall. It originally sold for $1.25, plus 25 cents postage and handling and later $2.0, plus 25 cents postage and handling. Not many of these posters survived and are considered very rare.

Here is one of the original ads:

These are photos of the actual poster:

For the less flat version of Zacherely, visit:


Ormsby said…
Always wanted one of the Zacherley posters. With all the interest in him these days you'd think someone would reproduce it.
Corpse S. Chris said…
I hear a reissue is being worked on by the company who made the Zach figure.

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