The Night Of The Svengoolies

The Night Of The Svengoolies was an event held a few years ago by The Museum of Broadcast Communications to honor the two men who played Svengoolie, Jerry G. Bishop and Rich Koz. Both men fielded questions from the moderator and the audience in between showings of clips from their shows.

Watch the full interview below or click here to open in a different player The Night Of The Svengoolies:


Anonymous said…
AH! Screaming Yellow Theater. Loved the twangy music they used too. The original SVENGOOLIE. We used to crave this show like the night creatures we are. You gotta love the rubber chickens being involved and this is where it all started. Jerry G Bishop was a good TV host on WFLD32 in Chicago. I will also never forget the morning Jan 1 1972 when he was doing the morning news. He reported Roberto Clemente's plane had crashed. I thought it was a joke or something. It's great to see the SVEN tradition every Saturday on WCIU26 in Chicago with Rich KOZ, aka Son of Sven. Rich and Jerry have caused more Groans than the Chicago Cubs with their bad jokes on the shows. So from one fan to both of them, I throw a rubber Chicken! Keep up the fun SVEN. :0)

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