Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well

The book Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well is an in depth examination of the horror hosts that aired in the Southern California area. The author, James M. Fetters, has created the definitive volume on those hosts. The book includes interviews with some of the hosts, the people involved in the show, and people who grew up watching the shows. Their behind the scenes information provides insight into what went into producing a show in the various eras covered. All of that is put into perspective by the author's background information on the period they were shown in and how the ways viewers went about watching the programs.

Highlights of what makes this is an indispensable book to host fans are the large amount of rare photos and ads for the shows, as well as the complete as possible movie and date listings from each show, and the script excerpts. Many of the hosts' shows shooting scripts are reprinted in full, giving us a taste of what these lost shows were like and are truly an amazing find.

Vampira, Dr. Diablo, The Old Woman, Jeepers, Ghoulita, Cosmosina, Moona Lisa, Jeeper' Keeper, The Creeper, Sinister Seymour, Arach and Nid, Famous Morris, Grimsley, and Elvira are covered in the book, a few of whom were relatively unknown before now. The Shock! and Son of Shock movie packages also get lengthy coverage, which makes the book a great primer for horror hosting's early days as well.

This is a must have book for fans of horror hosts, monster movies, and early television.

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The author has also produced a limited edition promotional trading card set tied into the book featuring the hosts covered in the book.

Watch a pair of trailers for the book below:


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