Chiller Theater

Chiller Theater ran in Rochester, New York on WORK-TV channel 13 from 1962 to 1968 on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The show ran was hosted by The Chiller, who appeared with an invisible face.

In 1965, Brave Heart Records released a 45 RPM with the songs The Chiller and Chiller Limbo by The Vic Plati Quintet. The Chiller was the theme song to Chiller Theater.

Listen to The Chiller here:

Listen to Chiller Limbo here:


Anonymous said…
Finally somebody has put this on internet!

Anonymous said…
My sister, Pam has the 45! I sometimes sing those songs in my head!
Anonymous said…
I remember that as a little kid. I never missed an episode. Wish someone would bring that back to local TV.

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