Lennys Inferno

Lennys Inferno began on September 5, 1969 as a continuation of Madison, Wisconsin's WMTV-TV Channel 15 show Inferno, which gained a new host called Mr. Mephisto. The show ran until May 21, 1982, with a short revival in 1988.

Watch clips from the show below:


Sixty Bricks said…
watched that show religiously - loved it - thanks
Unknown said…
I know a bunch of mephistos bits were remastered along with old monster movies within the last couple years !! How do I see them ? Can I buy them on DVD ? If not then they should be available to buy because I would buy and I'm sure lots of other guys who were young kids growing up and watching the originals as they aired would also if the word got out !!

Please comment with info !
Anonymous said…
I also watched this show religiously as a kid, loved it!! Like Todd said, if these are available to purchase in DVD format, I'd definitely be interested. Please let us know!

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