John Carradine Haunted Hollywood

Some shows didn't feature an on-air host, some were just voices over pictures of monsters or footage from horror movies. One of these was Haunted Hollywood in which the voice-over work was done by the veteran actor John Carradine. It was a syndicated package of horror movies in the 1980s to the early 1990s. Each episode started the same but over the beginning of the movie John would give a quick summary of the movie that was about to be shown.
Here are the opening words of the program:
"They're coming...they're coming back--There's no escape! The horrors from Hollywood's past have returned. Forgotten skeletons from long-locked closets and dusty film vaults... Delightful tales of the macabre... unsettling visions ...Ghost of Hollywood's past walk once again! It's not a's not a nightmare...It's HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD!"
This is the opening to some of the movies:


Anonymous said…
I remember seeing this on some local station or other about 10 years ago late Sunday nights. They usually had the best Monogram Lugosi movies, and sometimes played shorts after the main feature.
Nick Moose said…
I wanna see this show! But the clip you posted isn't working when I click on it.

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