100 Years of Monster Movies Marathon Webcast

As part of the HorrorHound Weekend and Vampira Tribute on March 26 - 28, 2010, there will be a three-day long marathon of hosted monster movies broadcast on the web. It is part of the year long 100 Years of Monster Movies celebration. Some of the movies will be hosted live by the hosts at the convention. For more information, visit 100ymm.com and watch the movies at chillertv.com

Watch a commercial for the marathon here:

See a promo from Freakshow and Vivacious Vivian from Bordello of Horror:

Here is an ad by the cast of FridayNight FrightNight:


Uncle Eerie said…
So wish I was there in-person with the rest of the ghouls...sniff...
Nym said…
The webcast was a blast!
I had alot of fun with all the "stiffs" in attendance.

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